Our main competitive advantage is the strength and longevity of our relationships in the transformation market.

Ongoing investment into the Argon Family is central to our mission:

“being the go-to firm for business and transformation leaders looking to build high performing teams”

The 5 R’s of our family model:


We have established a family of expert independent practitioners and offer a platform to collaborate, innovate and share expertise, resources and networks to better serve our clients.


Word of mouth is everything in our industry. Reputation takes years to build but can be lost in an instant and there is no better advertisement for our business than personal recommendation. We strive to create ‘fans’ not ‘customers’.


Consistent channels of communication – regular calls, monthly meet-ups (be those digital or in person) are critical in establishing and maintaining strong relationships. Our regular schedule includes charity events, guest speakers, workshops and networking opportunities.


Respect and trust go hand in hand and are forged through a combination of honesty, commitment and results. We give everything to our work and we expect true partnership in return.


The ‘pay it forward’ approach has more than paid us back over the years and that’s why we remain committed to the ongoing investment in our family.

Through our partnership with Reboot, we offer a range of outplacement programmes that invest in personal and professional development and serve to restore energy levels and mindset on completion of demanding projects, including:

  • Mindfulness and Mental Health
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Corporate Team Building

For more information on our Reboot activities, please contact Alastair Lechler on alastair@argon-intl.com

Keen to Get Involved?

To join our family, we must have worked together previously, or you must have been recommended by somebody that has.


If you have a personal recommendation, please get in touch with the details and we will be pleased to welcome you into the fold.